Van Schaik’s Bio Gro
Premium Potting Mix

Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Premium potting mix is a professional quality potting mix formulated to give potted plants the best opportunity for growth. 
This special formulation aids in the establishment of a larger root system which allows plants to flourish, bloom and produce more fruit. 
Ideal for flowering and fruiting plants as well as shrubs and most plants, it can be used for all types of pots and planter box, indoor and outdoors including hanging baskets and window boxes.

Promotes prolific budding, blooming and in the establishment of greater yields. 

Perfect choice for all indoor and outdoor planting and is ideal for pots and raised garden beds.
Certified Product
• Premium quality look. 
• Ideal for growing potted, flowering or fruiting plants.
• Contains wetting agent.
• Contains starter fertiliser.
• Contains controlled release fertiliser.
• Controls soil temperature. 
• Balanced formula for better soil retention.
Available sizes:

Available in:
30L Bag