Jack’s Magic
Natural Water Saver Mulch

Jack’s Magic Natural Water Saving Mulch is a water-conserving composted mulch containing high levels of cellulose fibre and organic matter to revitalise your garden. This mulch is produced from sustainable and renewable resources and will enhance any garden’s appearance while improving soil biology and increasing organic matter.
• Slow release of organic nutrients into soil for sustained growth
• Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations
• Improves water penetration and retention
• Protects soil from wind and water erosion.
• Increases beneficial soil biology.
• Regulates soil temperature.
• Aids in weed suppression.

• Ideal for garden beds, around trees and shrubs, and on the surface of pots
• Can be spread over the soil surface to a depth of 75-100mm.
• Suitable for uneven terrain to prevent soil erosion.
• Easily spread by shovel or a garden fork.

Available in:
25L Bag