Jack’s Magic
Dig It In Garden Compost

Jack’s Magic Dig It In Garden Compost can be dug into any soil profile to any depth required to support and enhance soil structure.
Whether that be into dense, heavy soils to lighten them off or into sandy soils to allow them to hold moisture and retain nutrients. 

Jack’s Magic Dig It In Garden Compost is made from 100% renewable products.
This will improve the health and structure of soils to allow all plants to reach their maximum potential.
• Contains added gypsum.
• Increase organic matter in the soil. 
• Retains soil moisture.
• Regulates soil temperature. 
• Increases beneficial biology.
• Positive soil structure benefits. 

• Perfect choice for all outdoor garden beds and veggie patches. Dig into existing garden soil.
• This is dig in compost ideal for veggie patches, garden beds and new plantings.
• Helps to feed the microbial content within the soil.

Available in:
25L Bag