Bio Gro believes quality control and accreditation are the key to premium products.

Bio Gro is unique in what we do. We take multiple raw products and produce a multitude of high-quality end products, these in turn must meet the expectations of our customers whilst also meeting certain industry standards and accreditations.
Quality is paramount during all phases of operations, from the selection and processing of our raw materials to product development and manufacturing, nothing is left to chance.


Bio Gro have three main accreditations, Australian Standards (Certified products), NIASA (the Australian nursery industry peak body) and NASAA, (Organic accreditation).

These accreditations govern what we do and how we do it.
They outline the processes we follow in order to produce quality products and services day in day out.

Certified Product


Bio Gro have a number of products certified under Australian Standards along with NASAA accreditations. Applicable products will display the specific logo along with the certification and licence numbers.

Our certified products ensure the end user is getting the best possible product for their needs meeting the specifications set out within the certification.


The fact that we are a market leader within the Australian horticulture industry is not by chance. We know that our customers’ success heavily depends on the reliability of our products.This is why, just like them, we place the highest possible demands on our products in terms of quality, performance, and consistency.

Bio Gro prides itself on developing a quality product and providing a quality service. Combined with four decades of accumulated knowledge, our products guarantee a maximum of quality and reliability enabling trouble free cultivation.

As a family-owned Australian business, we pride ourselves on connecting with customers via our Bio Gro branded products, building trust with customers leading to long lasting business relationships.

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