Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Décor Nuggets

Bio Gro Décor Nuggets formula contains radiata pine residue, sustainably sourced from Australian plantation forests. 

These Nuggets are a beautifully consistent decorative choice for a variety of gardening and landscaping applications.
The rich colour of Pine Bark can truly be appreciated through this unique product. 

Round and nugget shaped; this mulch is a popular decorative choice for those who prefer naturally coloured mulch.
Mini nuggets will aid in moisture retention by providing a barrier for the soil surface and can greatly reduce the need for watering.
• Long lasting.
• Large 50L bag.
• Derived from sustainable and renewable resources.
• Protects soil from wind and water erosion.
• Suppresses weed growth.
• Improves water penetration and retention.
• Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations.


Can be used in garden beds or pots.
Easy to spread by garden fork or shovel.

Available in:
50L Bag