Van Schaik’s Bio Gro
Native Potting Mix​

Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Native Potting Mix is a professional quality potting mix formulated to give potted natives and phosphorus sensitive plants the best opportunity to grow.
The potting mix aids in the establishment of a larger root system, reducing transplant shock which allows plants to flourish and produce more blooms. 
• Premium quality look. 
• Promotes prolific budding, blooming and greater yields. 
• Ideal for growing potted, flowering or fruiting plants.
• Contains wetting agent.
• Contains controlled release fertiliser. (no phosphorus)
• Aids in stable soil temperature. 
• Contains starter fertiliser.
• Balanced for better moisture retention. 

Perfect choice for outdoor plantings in a variety of pots and planter boxes.

Available in:
30L Bag