Nytrolene Spring Start

24-0-6 (NPK) + Trace Elements 2.0 Fe, 2.0 Mg + TE

Nytrolene Spring Start is designed in Australia snd contains a trace element package designed specifically for Australian pine bark growing media.
Contains high Magnesium and trace elements with high Iron content and is very efficient Nitrogen release.
Slow release of Nitrogen with early Spring available via IBDU

Up to 10 weeks
• No Phosphorous which is ideal for P sensitive crops
• No loss of fertiliser if plants fall over as product sticks to the surface of the growing medium
• A unique combination of IBDU and Methylene Urea Slow Release Nitrogen sources to get your plants moving in early spring and will continue feeding as it warms up for up to 10 weeks.
• High Iron (2%) allows for buffering of tanins in the bark whilst maintaining leaf colour and photosynthetic efficiency.
• High Magnesium (2%) contributes to the soil cation system and helps maintaining leaf colour.
• The Nitrogen in IBDU is released by 100% Hydrolysis which is an advantage when temperatures are low and do not favour microbial Nitrogen release, as is the case in Spring.
Use with good ventilation. Safety glasses with side shields, chemical goggles or full face shield, as appropriate should be used.
Wear gloves of impervious material. Suitable protective work gear such as cotton overalls buttoned at neck and wrists is reccommended.
Chemical resistent apron is recommended where large quantities are handled. Maintain high standards of personal hygeine.
Available volumes:
20kg Bag