Nytrolene Premix

25.1-0-6 (NPK) + 2.0 Fe, 2.0 Mg + TE

Nytrolene Premix is designed in Australia for Australian pine bark growing media.
A unique combination of Methylene Urea Slow-Release Nitrogen and a trace element package with elevated Fe, Mg and Cu.
A complete nutrient package (except phosphorus).

Up to 10 weeks
Ideal to incorporate into the growing media before potting to overcome Nitrogen drawdown or to topdress at peak growth stages.
Use with good ventilation. Safety glasses with side shields, chemical goggles or full face shield, as appropriate should be used.
Wear gloves of impervious material. Suitable protective work gear such as cotton overalls buttoned at neck and wrists is reccommended.
Chemical resistent apron is recommended where large quantities are handled. Maintain high standards of personal hygeine.
Available volumes:
20kg Bag