Hydrolene 2G

Hydrolene 2G delivers the synergies of 2 proven soil wetting agents in the one, easy to apply granule.
This unique product improves the soil/wetting/air relationship in all growing media, is easy to apply and sticks to the soil surface.

Up to 4 months
Allows pine bark growing media to hold more water (WHC) without decreasing the air-filled porosity (AFP).
Improves water use efficiency.
Allows re-wetting of dry growing media.
Assists in preventing water logging.
Encourages optimal root development which enhances nutrient uptake.
Improves plant uniformity.
Helps to prevent algae, moss and liverwort growth on top of the pot.
Use with good ventilation. Safety glasses with side shields, chemical goggles or full face shield, as appropriate should be used.
Wear gloves of impervious material. Suitable protective work gear such as cotton overalls buttoned at neck and wrists is reccommended.
Chemical resistent apron is recommended where large quantities are handled. Maintain high standards of personal hygeine.
Available volumes:
20kg Bag