Van Schaik’s Bio Gro
Premium Wicking Mix

Bio Gro Premium Wicking Mix has been formulated to work in conjunction with the Biofilta Food Cubes and most raised garden beds. Food cubes and wicking beds require a balanced structure of air fill porosity and wickability.

This mix contains composted barks and scoria to provide structure as well as containing coir to provide the wickability.

Balanced with starter fertiliser to help establish the feeder roots and a controlled release fertiliser for longer term feeding, this mix provides everything you need to maximise your crop yields.
Certified Product
• Designed for maximum capillary action and balanced for bottom up watering.
• Contains controlled release fertiliser.
• Formulated to maintain structure.
• Contains starter fertiliser.
• Contains wetting agent.

• Ideal for all wicking and raised garden beds, pots and planter boxes for growing crops. 
• Can be used either indoors or outdoors.
• Ideal for vegetables and herbs.

Available in:
30L Bag