Providing the infrastructure, equipment, and people services to support our customers.

While our business specialises in making quality products from organics, this is only one part of a circular economy model. Bio Gro also provides a range of support services at the start and end of the process to ensure that our customers are supported. Whether it be the collection or receipt of organics from various industries at the start of the process, or the technical support and know-how associated with the final finished products and ensuring customer expectations are met, Bio Gro has the depth and capability to meet your needs.

Organics Resource Recovery

Bio Gro are passionate about delivering quality products from Organics. This is at the heart of our business and all of our products are based on Organic inputs.

When we started this journey over 45 years ago we were trail blazers within the Forestry industry finding value from waste and bi-products. Now with change in Government policy, social pressures to be more sustainable in the way we live and promoting a healthier world through health soils and plant life, Bio Gro have come into their own.

Bio Gro now divert over 350,000 tonnes of Organics from Landfill every year and growing! These materials include Kerbside Green Organics and Food (FOGO), Commercial timbers, Whey from the dairy industry, Bi-Products of the intensive agricultural and commercial food industries, garden and landscaping waste, and our long-standing relationship with managing forestry bi-products from the timber milling industry, such as Pine Bark & Sawdust, amongst other things.

Third Party Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturing

Bio Gro provide third party manufacturing for some of the leading brand names and major retailers in Australia.

Our strong resource base and a diverse product portfolio, combined with industrial scale packaging infrastructure means we can provide your business with a cost-effective and scalable solution to bring your branded products to consumer markets across Australia. We have the ability to provide this service for bulk, bagged and liquid bases products.

Bagged Material

Our packaging facility in Mount Gambier makes a range of potting mixes, composts, mulches, and soil conditioners for multiple customers for distribution throughout Australia. These packaged products range in size from 15L through to 70L. We can tailor a formula to suit your needs or alternatively produce a product to your specification.

Some examples include

We can supply in

Liquid Materials

Bio Gro currently provide a range of liquid stimulants and soil conditioners to enhance crop yields and improve soil health. We have a large resource base of material that enables us to manufacture products with humic and fulvic acid which are some of the most active components of soil carbon and organic matter.

Some examples include

We can supply in

Bulk Materials

Across our full range of growing media, mulches, composts and soil conditioners we can provide this in bulk form as either a Bio Gro product or made to your specification.

For distribution of these products to major capital cities, we can also assist in providing logistics solutions where required.

Some examples include

We can supply in

Technical Support

Producing a product is one thing but having the quality control processes and technical know-how and understanding to back up the product with a high level capability and support for our customers is equally important.

Bio Gro has a large technical support capability to help you get the best out of the products we supply you and provide assistance when required.

Bio Gro Lab

Inhouse Support

All products are made to Australian Standards. For every product produced, our quality control and assurance methods can trace back the finished products to the source of origin. Throughout the manufacturing lifecycle all batches are continually tested for parameters such as pH, EC (electrical conductivity) and AFP (air filled porosity) just to name a few. At each of our operational sites, we have Quality Control personnel who are constantly monitoring these parameters and ensuring that any anomalies are managed to within parameters prior to leaving our facilities.

External Support

In addition to the internal support within Bio Gro, we also have well renowned external support capability that work with our business and our customers to identify and troubleshoot problems, and develop new solutions to solve challenges that present from time to time. Kevin Handreck and Declan McDonald are two leading soil scientists who are engaged by Bio Gro to provide their expertise and experience to the Bio Gro team and our customers to ensure that each growing experience is a positive one.

Customer Services

Do you have questions or want to know more about how Bio Gro can help you with your needs? Each of our sites have dedicated Customer Service representatives who can work with you to find the best products and solutions for you. In addition, Bio Gro have dedicated Account Managers throughout SA and VIC who are happy to visit you and look at your specific business challenges and discuss the alternatives available to you.

Freight & Logistics

Bio Gro has an extensive fleet of vehicles in South Australia and Victoria to ensure that our customers’ products get there when needed. Our range of vehicles includes B-Double tippers (pictured), truck and dog tippers, walking floor trailers or tautliners. No matter what product and profile you are looking for, we can find the right logistics solution to meet your needs.
Bio Gro B Double

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