Van Schaik’s Bio Gro
Orchid Bark Nuggets Large

Bio Gro’s Orchid Bark Nuggets have been sustainably sourced from Australian radiata pine bark and stockpiled for 12 months to ensure the best quality available.

Orchid Bark Nuggets are a premium composted bark of uniform sizes that will provide the correct amount of air and water to sustain a perfect root system.​

Orchid Bark Nuggets are ideal for both the professional grower and enthusiasts who demand a product that is second to none.​
• Composted pine bark alive with beneficial microorganisms that resist pathogens and promote a healthier root system.
• 100% natural, organic and renewable Australian resource.
• Uniform grade and product characteristics.
• Ultra-premium product with minimal fines.
• Can be utilised for potting and re-potting.
• Versatile for a variety of orchid species.

• Suitable for all container grown Orchids.
• Ideal for Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis in large pots.

Available in:
50L Bag