Induction Portal

Van Schaik’s Bio Gro has implemented an online induction portal for all Contractors and Visitors who visit any of our sites.
In order to visit any of our sites, each Contract or Visitor must first complete a Site Induction for each site you intend to visit.
A Contractor must first be assigned to a registered company where as visitors may complete an induction.

Contracts are contracted to complete works onsite un escorted. Visitors must be escorted on site at all times.

New Company Registration

The Company Registration is used to provide WorkCover, Public Liability Certificate of Currency, Insurance, etc. information and cannot be used to induct individuals. The Company Registration will allow you to update company registration information and allow you to see your employees who have completed their inductions and those that are outstanding.

If your company has already been registered please register as a New Contractor.

On the supplier dashboard, enter your company information, location of work, and submit your registration.

Mandatory documents requested need to be uploaded as PDFs. Please ensure your PDF file names do not contain any special characters as the system will block them.

If you are having trouble uploading your PDF file check to see if you are using special characters in the file name.

Your company’s contact person will receive an email confirmation if all the details supplied meet our contractor induction requirements.

Reminders will be automatically sent out each year requesting updated WorkCover and insurance documents to be uploaded.

If your company has engaged subcontractors/labour hire personnel, it is your responsibility to notify their company representatives and get them to complete a Company Registration as well.

Note – Wherever possible do not use a personal email address for Company Registration. Email addresses can only be used once across the Induction system. This is your login Username for any future activity.

New Contractors Registration

In order to visit any of our sites, you must first complete a Contractor Site Induction for each site you intend to visit (e.g., Mount Gambier, Wandilo, Dandenong South, Newbridge). Before you can complete a Contractor Site Induction you must create an account and completing a Contractor Risk Induction (high, moderate, low, etc.).

Email addresses can only be used once across the Induction system – this is your login username for any future activity. You may log in and review or complete new Contract Site Inductions at any time.

Inductions remain current for 12 months, and periodic reminders will be sent to make sure that you complete them on time.

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